How To Bet On Hot and Cold Numbers on Roulette

How To Bet On Hot and Cold Numbers on Roulette

Published Date · Oct. 14, 2020 · Last Updated · Nov. 7, 2023 ·Read Time · 4 mins


If you’re a big fan of online roulette then there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of hot and cold numbers.

You may have played online at the roulette table and had one of those amazing experiences of having your “lucky number” coming in several times in a short space of time. Or, there may be other times when you’ve spread your chips across the majority of the board and the roulette wheel seems to keep landing on one of the few numbers you DON’T have covered. Is this more than just a question of luck?

Hot numbers are the numbers that seem to keep coming up again and again. On the other hand, cold numbers are those that never seem to win during a set of spins.

How are Hot and Cold Numbers Calculated?

Imagine, you’re getting ready to play at one of your favourite roulette tables and you’re carefully considering what numbers you should bet on. While some people have their “lucky numbers” that they always bet on, others don’t have a set strategy. Therefore, betting on hot numbers can always be a fun approach to the game. If you want to know what the hot numbers are then you have to look at the results of the last few spins to see what numbers seem to keep winning.

For example, if you notice that number seven has paid out six times during the last twenty spins, then number seven is a very hot number. Maybe zero has paid out four times and number thirty has paid out three times. These could also be considered hot numbers. If numbers one, three and five don’t appear on the list of winners then these are cold numbers. For online gamers, it’s pretty simple to get this information as most online casinos display the previous set of winning numbers clearly on the screen.

Why are Hot and Cold Numbers Important?

There are a number of roulette players who claim to have systems that increase their chances of winning. A lot of these systems revolve around looking at the previous results of the last few spins and picking out the hot numbers. Is there a logic behind this way of playing or is it just a myth that betting on hot numbers improves your odds of winning?

When you play the game of roulette, should you be betting on hot numbers and avoiding cold numbers? After all, if number seven has just paid out twice in a row, doesn’t that mean there’s a good chance if it paying out a third time very soon?

Some players even prefer to bet on cold numbers. In their minds, a cold number hasn’t won for a long time and is, therefore “due” for a win very soon. Before you hit the table and start gambling, however, there are a few things that you need to know.


When to Bet on Hot and Cold Numbers?

Online casinos use random number generators as part of the programming behind all their roulette games. Unlike going to a physical casino where the croupier spins the wheel with a swift action of the arm, a random number generator selects a number at random and ensures that with every spin of the wheel, all 37 numbers have an equal chance of coming in. This means that the previous winning number has no impact on future spins.

Even though it’s human nature to assume that hot and cold numbers are important, they aren’t actually all that relevant.

So, why are so many punters keen on reviewing the last set of results to determine where they put their money? Well, if you were to gamble on a sport like football, then it would make sense to bet on the team that keeps winning. If you were going to bet on a random football match, then looking at the results of the last few games to choose a winner would be an excellent strategy.

Therefore, it may seem perfectly logical to use a similar strategy on a game like roulette. Although while betting on a “winner” may work well if you’re betting on sports, it doesn’t work that way in roulette since each number has an equal chance of winning with every spin.

Another thing to be aware of when you play roulette is the house edge. If you bet £1 on a winning number then you’ll get £36 back. However, there are 37 numbers on the roulette wheel (when you include 0), so you may be wondering why don’t you receive £37. The difference between 36 and 37 is what’s known as the house edge and it’s how casinos make money. A casino is a business like any other and this small percentage of house edge allows the casino to make a profit and continue serving you as a business.

There is good news, however, if you play the game in the UK (or anywhere in Europe for that matter). Unlike US roulette tables, European tables only have one green pocket (0), whereas American roulette tables have two green pockets (0 and 00). Therefore, by playing online roulette in the UK, you have a greater chance of winning than if you were to fly into Vegas and play the American version.

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