What Does Roulette Mean?

What Does Roulette Mean?

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Casino Roulette is one of the most interesting gambling games. The table game involves a small ball that is dropped on a revolving wheel with numbers imprinted on coloured slots. The players bet the number and colour on which the ball is going to stop.

The first design of the roulette wheel was invented by Blaise Pascal. He was basically trying to invent the perpetual motion machine. The roulette games are being played since the 17th century. People have started playing online roulette games to enjoy tremendously and earn some real money at the same time.

The Roulette wheel generally comprises of 37 numbered and coloured pockets ranging from 1-36 numbers and 0 in case of the European roulette wheel or French roulette wheel. It consists of 38 numbered and coloured slots that range from 1-36 including 0 and 00 in case of the American roulette wheel.

Following the Roulette wheel are Roulette Tables. It is the place where bets are placed. They are precisely designed to carry the weight of Roulette wheels. There are 3 columns of 12 numbers on the table that corresponds directly to the number on the wheel.

The Roulette Built-up

The numbers on the roulette wheel are imprinted on a black and red background alternately. The Zero and the Double Zero depending on the type of wheel are placed on a green coloured slot. The rest of the Roulette table features a layout that displays various bets players can make by placing the chips. Roulette for real money can be played both offline and online.

How does the roulette game proceed?

Once the wheel starts spinning, the dealer places a small ball on the revolving wheel in the opposite direction. The drop in the opposite creates momentum in the roulette ball. When the wheel slows down the ball loses the momentum and stops on one of the numbered pockets. The players place the bets before the wheel stops. The rules for playing roulette are the same whether you are playing online or offline. Roulette players have large betting options to predict the position of the roulette ball in the wheel.

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