What's The Best Number To Bet On Roulette 13 or 23?

What's The Best Number To Bet On Roulette 13 or 23?

Published Date · June 17, 2019 · Last Updated · March 13, 2024 ·Read Time · 3 mins

Online Roulette Games are largely games of chance, however, different types of bets in a game of Roulette, as well as strategies, can contribute to increasing your chances of winning. So, what happens when a Roulette player plays with 13 or 23 on the Roulette table? Is there a specific Roulette strategy experienced players use in this case?

How do you decide which of these two numbers is the better one to win big?

Online Roulette betting rules state that you cannot as both 13 and 23 share the same odds in all Roulette bets. Thus, both numbers are equals. However, you can still customise your roulette betting strategies based on the repetitions of the roulette ball landing on these numbers. The payouts across all online Roulette sites remain the same but you can put yourself in a good position to win a higher amount. People often wonder: what is the best bet in roulette? Hopefully, this article will explain which numbers have a roulette winning formula.

Preparing Better Betting Strategies with 13 or 23

The high-edge, chance of winning and the payout on 13 and 23 is the same for every inside and outside bet which can make it one of the most common roulette patterns. The number 13 and 23 are actually placed closer to each other on the roulette wheel. They are just four pockets away. If the roulette ball is repeatedly landing on any of these two numbers, you can try your luck before it ends. Nevertheless, seasoned players state that you shouldn’t place any bets on these two numbers for long consecutive spins. You can modify your bets to win better if the repetition is occurring. So which bet should you place?

Straight Bet

Both the numbers 13 and 23 have a winning chance of 2.7% as a straight bet. The payout is, however, good. Due to the high risk, the odds of winning a straight bet on 13 and 23 even after constant repetition are tiny. Only pro-gamblers and experienced roulette players should be left to place a straight between these two.

Note: Placing two straight bets on 13 and 23 is better than placing two straights on any other numbers due to their reliable distance. The numbers just outside these two could be worth considering too if you want to increase the amount of payouts.

Final Bet

A Final bet is a better option to improve your odds than a straight bet on 13 and 23. The final bet will cover four straights on 3, 13, 23, and 33. The winning chances are 10.8%. Payout is not as good as a straight bet but it is still 8.1.

Considering the high chance of winning, you can place a final bet on 3s to win on numbers 13 or 23 in a 25 spins plus game.

Tiers du Cylindre

The third of the wheel bet is the safest of all three. The winning chances are 32.4% but the payout is considerably low. In a Tiers du Cylindre, a player bets on 6 splits including 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30, 33/36.

So, rooting your luck on Tiers du Cylindre is the safest if you are expecting the ball to land on 13 or 23. If the roulette ball does not land on a specific number for more than 25 spins, the winning chances are increased by 50%. Roulette players are not required to wait for 25 spins if they are placing a Tiers du Cylindre bet.

The winning chances on numbers 13 and 23 from bet to bet do vary a lot, meaning you can go for better bet placement. However, the numbers 13 and 23 themselves do not carry any advantage over one another. None of these two numbers is better than the other so bare that in mind when you put a bet on.

House Edge in Roulette

Experienced Roulette players always consider the house edge when playing Roulette. It’s defined as a casino’s advantage when it comes to the payout. The Roulette house edge stands at 2.6% for European Roulette and 5.25% for the American Roulette, giving players a much better chance of profiting.

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