Blueprint Gaming Bonus Wheels - Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Blueprint Gaming Bonus Wheels - Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

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Published Date · Dec. 11, 2023 · Last Updated · Dec. 11, 2023 ·Read Time · 3 mins

Anyone familiar with hugely popular Blueprint Gaming releases like Ted, King Kong Cash or The Goonies will hopefully have come across the unique bonus wheel feature attached to these games. This innovative bonus round offers a wide selection of potential rewards, ranging from a mystery cash win all the way up to a big money bonus game.

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A unique concept like this is bound to divide opinion in the slots world, so we wanted to take a closer look and draw on the conflicting opinions of our experts - one who loves the excitement of the Blueprint Gaming bonus wheel, and the other who is not so keen…

What is the Blueprint Gaming Bonus Wheel?

As mentioned above, if you are lucky enough to land three or more Scatter symbols in certain Blueprint Gaming slot games, you will advance through for a spin of the bonus wheel.

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An initial spin of this wheel will reveal one of the bonus rounds on offer - with them clearly displayed on the right of the screen, in an ascending order that relates to their expected payout.

Once the first spin lands, you will be given the option to either collect the bonus you have been awarded, or gamble it for the next bonus up on the ladder. The next spin will see the segments on the wheel split between segments that include that next bonus and a ‘mystery win’. If you land on the next bonus up, you are given the chance to either accept that or gamble again. If you land on mystery win, you will be awarded a cash amount instead of a bonus round.


Lucy - Thumbs Up!

For me, the bonus wheels add an element of excitement that can't be found in other classic slot games. There's always a chance you could land a mystery win or have to settle for a lower bonus, but that's all part of the fun when spinning these brilliant video slots. This innovative feature offers both lower stakes and higher stakes players the chance to win big, whatever their stake. That chance to strike it lucky and win big is a fantastic addition to this unique brand on online slots.


Tim - Thumbs Down!

Triggering slots bonus rounds can seem rarer than a solar eclipse at times, so why would you want to spin for a bonus round that might result in a paltry ‘mystery win’? The potential to scale the heights to a big money bonus round is obviously enticing, but that seems like a rare feat, while I always seem to have to settle for a mystery win as I try and move up the bonus ladder. I love Blueprint Gaming slots, with a number of the games that utilise this innovative bonus wheel being my favourites, but I can’t help thinking a more simple bonus mechanic triggered by different bonus symbols would make these games even more attractive.

What Do You Think?

Now that we have laid out our opinions on Blueprint Gaming bonus wheels, we are very keen to hear where you land on this debate - are in for or against? Please let us know in the comments below and we can keep this debate roaring on…

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Whatever our views above, we're huge fans of Blueprint Gaming slots at CasinoRange, with some of our favourite recent releases coming from this iconic developer. Dozens of Fishin' Frenzy slot games are blended with a healthy dose of movie slots, as well as the beautifully simple 7s Deluxe series. If you're looking for a new developer to give a spin, Blueprint Gaming would be a great place to start...


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