First v Latest Release: Relax Gaming Slots

First v Latest Release: Relax Gaming Slots

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Published Date · March 21, 2024 ·Read Time · 5 mins

It's incredible to see just how far the casino software industry has come, and in this series, we highlight the big differences between modern slots and those created in previous years. Here, we'll be looking specifically at Relax Gaming, an award-winning casino software provider that has produced loads of brilliant games.

Relax Gaming

First Release: Attila the Hun

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Relax Gaming's first slot release was Attila the Hun, a game based on the historical ruler of an ancient nomadic people called the Huns. Attila ruled an empire consisting of much of Central and Eastern Europe between 434 and 453 AD and was a feared enemy of the Roman Empire.

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While there are plenty of Ancient Roman slots, this is one of the only ones that we've seen which covers the Huns. It's certainly a unique theme, and Relax Gaming really put a lot of attention to detail into the designs of the symbols, backgrounds and animations to make the battles come alive. The graphics still hold up really well, especially when the animations kick in for the bonus features.

There are six different features to watch out for, which will affect your payouts and the fortune of the two opposing armies.

Attila the Hun bonus

Roman and Hun soldiers both act as Wilds and trigger re-spins. Opposing soldiers will also fight, leading to the Small Battle Free Spins. If Attila or the Roman general Aetius show up, they'll bring their soldiers with them, and if they both appear on the reels at once, it leads to the Big Battle Free Spins.

While Relax Gaming put a lot of care and effort into how the slot looks and created some unique bonus features, it falls down somewhat with its maximum win. The slot is definitely enjoyable if you're a history buff, but perhaps lacks a wider appeal.

Latest Release: Sweetopia Royale

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Following on from a series of successful sweet and candy-themed slots from other providers, Relax Gaming launched Sweetopia Royale. The game is filled to the brim with tasty treats and delicious sweets, using the exciting Cluster Pays mechanic rather than traditional paylines. You can expect lots of bright colours and plenty of innovative features too.

Although other slot providers have created their own candy-filled slots, Sweetopia Royale blows them all away visually. It looks stunning, with all the sweets, cakes and backgrounds lovingly designed to look as mouthwatering as possible. It's also got some excellent features and gameplay.

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Cluster Pays

As this is a Cluster Pays slot, wins are made whenever you land four or more matching symbols within a cluster across the 7x7 grid. Rather than using tumbles, wins instead feature re-spins. The winning symbols stay in place while the rest are all spun to potentially create an even bigger and tastier cluster. Re-spins keep on going until no new wins can be made. Lots of exciting bonus features can trigger while you play Sweetopia Royale, including random symbol drops, upgrades, giant mystery symbols and cluster combos.

sweetopia royale free spins unlocked

There's even a Free Spins Bonus should you land enough Scatters on the reels at once. During the round, the random modifiers are enhanced every five spins, leading to even greater rewards.

The huge number of bonus features make this slot really fun to play, and the graphics and design are the icing on the cake. Relax Gaming has gone to great lengths to produce a game that's not only visually stunning but also has big winning potential thanks to all the great features.

Biggest Differences Between These Relax Gaming Slots

Relax Gaming has become one of the biggest developers in the industry over the past few years, winning multiple awards for introducing creative and engaging features while also excelling in graphics and design. The developer has always produced high-quality slots, but it's clear that over time, the standards have only gotten higher. Here are some of the main differences between these two Relax Gaming slots:

  • Paylines – While Attila the Hun used traditional paylines across a fairly standard 5x3 layout, Relax Gaming took a different approach with Sweetopia Royale. The more modern game uses a 7x7 grid with Cluster Pays rather than paylines. This type of slot has become more popular in recent years, and it fits well with other games that share the same theme.
  • Maximum win – The maximum win of Attila the Hun was fairly low. While over time, slot winning potential has remained steady, Relax Gaming has made an effort to increase the maximum win of their slots. Sweetopia Royale is significantly higher than that of Attila the Hun, making it a more attractive prospect to a lot of players.
  • Graphics – While Attila the Hun only came out in 2020, the capability of slot providers has improved a lot since then. Graphics today have improved, leading to better-looking and more immersive casino games. Attila the Hun looks great and features a lot of nice animations but Sweetopia Royale is incredibly well-polished and has stunning graphics and original designs.
  • Creativity – Relax Gaming has always aimed to develop creative and interesting slots that stand out from the crowd of games being released every year. Attila the Hun was very creative in its design and features, with a fairly unique theme that we haven't seen before. Sweetopia Royale might share a similar theme to other slots, but the excellent bonuses help to set it apart.
  • Bonuses – Bonus features are one of the main aspects that players look at when choosing which slots to play. They help make things more interesting, and over time, slots have become more creative with the bonuses they offer. The bonus features in both Attila the Hun and Sweetopia Royale are great fun to play, but it's fair to say that the newer game has more to offer.

Relax Gaming has a collection of more than 100 exciting slots, including Attila the Hun and Sweetopia Royale. Learn more about them and play them for free right here at CasinoRange before choosing one of our recommended online casinos to play for real money.


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