Relax Gaming's Space Miners Gets Dream Drop Makeover (Interview)

Relax Gaming's Space Miners Gets Dream Drop Makeover (Interview)

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Published Date · April 6, 2024 ·Read Time · 3 mins

Relax Gaming are one of the best slot developers in the online casino industry for good reason. One of those is that their Dream Drop slot series has been a massive hit with slot players all over the world. Naturally, we were keen to hear more about the latest Dream Drop release - Space Miners Dream Drop.


We spoke to Relax Gaming's Head of Games Daniel Jonsson to find out more about Space Miners Dream Drop!

Where did the inspiration for Space Miners Dream Drop come from?
As a company we’re always trying to drive differentiation and bring a unique approach to any of our cutting-edge releases. The success of Space Miners and continued attraction to our Dream Drop games dovetailed nicely to create Space Miners Dream Drop. We are always trying to make our great games even greater by continuing to add our most popular titles to the Dream Drop portfolio. It was a natural choice to take Space Miners, which is one of our older games, but still has a solid player base. By giving Space Miners a Dream Drop makeover, we expect it to be taken to a new level.

Daniel Jonsson headshot

(Daniel Jonsson, Head of Games at Relax Gaming)

What features can fans get excited about in Space Miners Dream Drop?
There will always be excitement when it comes to Dream Drop games. Ultimately, it’s the opportunity for a player to win a lifechanging jackpot. The guarantee that one player will win the Mega jackpot before it reaches €3 million is something which carries huge anticipation and carries huge appeal.


Apart from that, we have kept the max win at 50,000x, which is at the top of Dream Drop remakes, while also making entry to Free Spins more frequent. There are also up to one million ways for players to achieve maximum win potential.  In a nutshell, there is a lot to be excited about!
What was the most enjoyable part of developing Space Miners Dream Drop? What was the most difficult?
It’s always fun to revisit older games and breathe new life into them. What I enjoyed most was when we were able to fit a Dream Drop Bonus game in the theme nicely. The most difficult part was definitely increasing the chances to enter the Free Spins Bonus, while keeping the rest of the gameplay fun. As a result, we have created a game which has all the ingredients to be a huge success and we can’t wait to see how it performs.
The Dream Drop series has been incredibly successful and popular with players everywhere. How far can this series continue to grow?
The jackpot space is big and continues to grow. The implementation of Dream Drop has seen an increasing market share with every new release and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon.


Players continue to enjoy the series and we will always make sure that the enjoyment remains with any future Dream Drop release.  
How does Relax Gaming decide which slots will form part of the Dream Drop series?
We use a mix of completely new slot games specifically and exclusively design for Dream Drop and re-makes of existing popular games that we think will work well together with the Dream Drop Jackpot system. We use several factors such as volatility level, popularity and synergy effects between existing features and the Dream Drop jackpots to decide which slots will form part of the Dream Drop series.


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