Smarkets Launch in Indiana

Smarkets Launch in Indiana

Published Date · Oct. 10, 2022 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 2 mins

Smarkets Launch: Indiana News

SBK, the Smarkets’ sportsbook brand, has now officially gone live in the state of Indiana. This took place after regulatory approvals from the state of Indiana’s gaming commission. New customers for SBK are eligible for an opening promotion in celebration of their launch in the state of Indiana. When new customers make a wager of $20, they will be able to receive $100 as their sign-up offer. In addition to this promo, they offer no-margin odds when customers make a wager on the totals and spread markets for the latest Thursday night football game between the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts. 

Jason Trost, the Smarkets Founder, and CEO said that the launch has brought about a lot of momentum for the company as a whole. Being able to launch in Indiana is just the start of many more exciting things to come for Smarkets. As Smarkets is one of a select few private and smaller operators to have been able to go live in the United States, Trost is super excited to be live in their second state with SBK.

The first state that Smarkets launched in was Colorado in 2020. This was part of a partnership deal with Full House Resorts. 

Trost stated that Smarkets is not like the other operators. He says that their focus is by providing the most favorable odds possible in addition to their actual product being excellent. Trost also believes that the ethos will win out in the long game. Despite the recent controversies looming over the head of Smarkets, Trost is optimistic that they can move past it. 

Smarkets, under the last few weeks, has been under a lot of scrutiny. Recently, their UK-based media campaign had a clearance body that rejected one of its advertisements.

The reasoning behind the rejection was that the commercial would bring advertising into disrepute if it were brought live on the air. However, this was thought for them prior to creation.

As part of the appeal for Smarkets and Trost, they knew that they made the advertisement, knowing that it would not be approved by regulators. However, they made the advertisement readily available to watch on the internet.

Additionally, Smarkets was fined by the UK Gambling Commission in the amount of £630,000 ($770,000) for social responsibility breaches as well as anti-money laundering.


Ian Dincuff

US Content Writer