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Mobile Slots

We’re all on our mobile more and more these days and the casino industry has grown and adapted to make gaming on the go as easy as possible.

Most online casinos have made their websites and games mobile much more responsive, such that you open a slot game and are prompted to turn your phone sideways to play.

Others have opted for the more complex (but sometimes better performance) option of a Google PlayStore or Apple App Store native app.

This trend means you’re no longer chained to your desktop computer when wanting to play your favorite slot and we’re excited to see what innovations are still to come in this space! You can check out the best mobile slots here.

Which Slot to Play?

The big thing for you as a player is to decide what slot you want to play. This decision becomes extremely difficult as there are so many factors to take into consideration when choosing a game to have a spin on.

Even if you are a seasoned online slots player, you might be overwhelmed by the huge amount of different game types now available to play.

We are here to help by diving deep into the online slots catalog to unearth the games that should suit your playing style the best.

We will also discuss the key terms of online slots for those players who might not know their RTP from their progressive jackpots.

What’s New in Online Slots?

The biggest innovation in the online slots world in recent years is the emergence of Megaways slots games. Since the first title was released back in 2016, this unique game mechanic has taken this industry by storm.

Usually offering more than 100,000 ways to win on each spin, these enticing slot machines offer plenty of potential for consecutive wins and the triggering of hugely lucrative bonus rounds.

The popularity of this new slots genre is demonstrated by the fact that all the old classic slot games are receiving their very own Megaways makeover. If this hasn't happened to your favorite slot yet, just keep an eye out, because it surely soon will!