Online Slots By Design

Taking a closer look at different slots designs

What Does Slots by Design Mean?

Any US slot machine would be incomplete without its reels. Whether you’re keen to seek out America's best three-reel classic online slots or the dynamic seven-reel slots, they can assist in determining the appearance, feel, and gameplay of slot machines.

What are Slot Reels?

Reels are the vertical positions on the grid in slot games that spin once a wager gets placed, and new symbols land on them each time. The reels are present in all slots games, and they are perhaps one of the most significant features.

When slots first debuted, they consisted of three mechanical reels that turned when you pulled a lever. As they were mechanical, the symbols on the reels were fixed, and they spun. Each reel usually included ten symbols, giving 10,000 possible combinations with three reels. Over time, online slots grew increasingly complex and exciting, but the concept remained unchanged.

Today, slot reels are still an essential part of the slot machine experience, but they are no longer what they once were.

Video slots, for example, contain no moving parts, and microprocessors render the entire game. It opens up many additional possibilities, boosting the genre’s overall potential.

With these more modern games, the reels no longer have any pre-assigned symbols as they used to. For example, only two of a particular sign could appear on a reel; today, if your luck is strong enough, you can have the entire reel covered in that symbol. RNG (Random Number Generator) software, used in current slot games, accomplishes this. It is pre-programmed in the game’s core and determines the outcome of a spin at random.

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